Saturday, 13 June 2009

RsBot Update Script Dump

Hi, i have been working on a new script dump and im pleased to say i have finished it. Although the search function does not work 100% so i have set it up to randomise what scripts get shown. You can get to the script dump by going to

Thursday, 11 June 2009

New RsBot AutoUpdater.

Hi i have just updated our auto updater with 3 major new bug fixes.

* Updates within 3 minutes of Jagex updating.
* Now Recognises your path to RsBot Folder.
* Does not slow any more performance.

These updates will already be added onto the current updates which are encase you did not know

*Instant installation.
*Very low file size.
*Reduces your risk of being caught by jagex as they will think you are playing normally.
*Auto Saved so no need to be ran again.
*Saves to Start-up so it will always automatically run when RsBot is ran.
*Uses 14kb RAM memory.

As Normal i will attach a virus scan to reassure all our users

You can download our RsBot AutoUpdater here.

Installation instructions: To install run and navigate it to your RsBot Folder and then select ok.

New RsBot Account Security!

I have just released version 4.09 account security. To get this click here.

How to install.

Download the new security file. It will be called rs.jar, open rs.jar and select secure accounts folder and accounts and your done. Please if this helps follow us!

Not sure if this is safe? scan it. At RsBot Update we try and keep all RsBot users as safe as possible, i will attach scans of the file to reassure you it does not contain any viruses

Many Thanks- The team at RsBot Update


Welcome to RsBot Updater.

Here you will find the current updater for RsBot, free of charge. We also offer a secure updater for RsBot to stop hackers and thieves taking your runescape username, this is done by securing your account folder.